Cast ◀

The age given here indicates how old the character is for the majority of the comic. For instance, June would be 19 years old in Chapter 1, but 22 from Chapter 2 onwards.

June Blue Delias

▶ 22 years old
▶ 5' 7"/ 170cm in height
▶ half Sanacian/ half Feline
▶ bouncer (though not for long, probably, as her condition is slowly deteriorating)

A young woman dying from an incurable disease. Even though she's used to handling rowdy, aggressive people at work, in personal life she is far from being confrontational or assertive. She's a bit of a doormat, as a matter of fact. When she is not being a doormat, she is curious, enthusiastic and remarkably candid.

Chi-Min Huang

▶ 29 years old
▶ 4' 5"/ 134cm in height
▶ Sanacian elf (this is why he has funky coloration and looks like a child. All elves remain physically prepubescent throughout their entire lifespan, and their hair/eye colors run the full length of the spectrum.)
▶ physician

Analytical, self-assured and unflappable. Chi-Min graduated from a prestigious med school at the top of his class when he was only 18. Factor in all the racial discrimination that he faced throughout the process, and you have one hell of an overachiever. He is generally patient but has little tolerance for incompetence or disrespect from colleagues.

Leon Yearnings

▶ Age unknown
▶ 6' 0"/ 182cm in height
▶ Sanacian
▶ elf hunter

Leon possesses strength and agility that border on superhuman, which makes him well suited for his job. His responsibility is to hunt down dangerous rogue elves to protect the public... ostensibly, anyway. It appears that he is knowingly playing a role in a criminal conspiracy orchestrated by his employer Alberich. He doesn't seem too happy about it, though.

Francis Alberich

▶ 36 years old
▶ 6' 6"/ 198cm in height
▶ Thestalian (all Thestalians have four eyes)
▶ CEO of the ECA

Alberich runs the Elf Control Agency, an organization that employs and dispatches elf hunters as needed. He comes from a humble beginning that you wouldn't expect from someone so successful: he was homeless until age 15, when he was adopted by an unmarried man. Stay on his good side, and you'll know him as a capable leader and a charming, personable guy. Just pray you won't ever have to deal with the ruthless sociopath within...

Kenneth E. Cortinon

Male, 62 years old, half Sanacian/ half Veyan; elfologist.
Known as the Father of Modern Elfology, Cortinon is a genius in his field. He has zero social life and seems to have nothing but research in that head of his. He hardly leaves his laboratory and is never seen with a smile on his face. He wasn't always like that, though. He had a wife and a daughter, both of whom he loved dearly. They perished in the Catastrophe 23 years ago, and losing them changed him forever.


Female, 34 years old, Thestalian elf.