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I. The Coldest Morning

First encounters, and the birth of an ephemerid.

Chapter 1: Prologue
Chapter 2: The Benefactor
Chapter 3: Paycheck
Chapter 4: Wounds and Scars
Chapter 5: Fragile Little Things
Chapter 6: The Life of a Stranger
Chapter 7: Reversal

II. Broken Mirror

A dark plan is afoot.

Chapter 8: A Letter from the Order
Chapter 9: Father
Chapter 10: Hidden Heart
Chapter 11: Two Favors
Chapter 12: The Interlopers
Chapter 13: Pretext
Chapter 14: Double Date
Chapter 15: Mirror Image

III. The Phoenix and the Ephemerid

Say hello to the part of your past that you never wanted to remember.

Chapter 16: Interlude
Chapter 17: Recoil
Chapter 18: Cygnet
Chapter 19: The Secret Corridor
Chapter 20: Recognition
Chapter 21: A Name and a Word
Chapter 22: The Dead Mother Riddle

IV. Underneath the Skin

Your own secrets run deeper than you'd thought.

Chapter 23: Interlude II
Chapter 24: Honoring the Dead
Chapter 25: Family
Chapter 26: Watching Her Die
Chapter 27: Hidden in the Vault
Chapter 28: Tea or Wine
Chapter 29: Hidden in the Heart
Chapter 30: Tears and Blood

The Coldest Night

What awaits an ephemerid at the end of the day?

Chapter 31: The Savior's Lie
Chapter 32: Freebie
Chapter 33: Phobia
Chapter 34: Imminent
Chapter 35: Just Like the Last Time
Chapter 36: The Way He Flinched
Chapter 37: Fragrance
Chapter 38: Face to Face
Chapter 39: Snow
Chapter 40: In Articulo Mortis